Does Warren Buffett Think Newspapers Have A Chance?

To copy, transform and combine from a fantastic series finale of House, everything dies

Newspapers died.

Blogs died. 

MySpace died. 

The Newton died.

The Electric Car died.

No matter how much we may wish it not to be, the way we use the internet, especially social media, will die too. 

Coffee, chocolate & news...

Clay Shirky recently reported on famed investor Warren Buffett’s purchase of two dozen local newspapers and related media properties in the southeast United States. Buffett, not a man known for taking risks, has charged his new employees to do “your best thinking as we work out the blend of digital and print.”

As Shirky goes on to say, the future of digital and print IS digital. We’ve all seen the cost savings that digital goods provide, and while it’s sad to think the old advertising model won’t allow for a bundle of sports, local happenings, national news and coupons to magically appear on our doorstep every morning, we see this as a huge opportunity.

But this isn’t an opportunity to replace newspapers, it’s an opportunity to invent something that does what they did better.

  • Imagine being able to easily add a voice over to your favorite images.
  • Or insert relevant facts into an existing presentation.
  • Or simply film yourself and then use the tracked numbers to tweak your approach.
  • Or record your screen and share that uploaded file link without having to render and edit.

No longer do private citizens, large corporations or teams of small businesses need to hope and pray their PR dollars are enough to get them into their local newspaper, the tools for publishing are already here.

But what about my audience?

If you’ve been keeping up with best practices and have built an email list filled with your best customers, your most interested leads and enough oversharers, you already have an audience.

Where would you like to go from here?

Leave newspapers to guys with money to lose.

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